Attendees at the 45-Year Reunion/Get-Together

A table of those attending is given first and with a table of those declining afterwards. Each table is is sorted by first name.

Classmate Name Number in Party Payment Rcv'd Comments
Alan Dwelle 1 yes
Allen Ball 1 yes
Allen Hundley 2 yes
Beckie Booth Pratt 2 yes
Benji Blades 2 yes Looking forward to it.
Betsy Beard 1 yes Hey,sent check - going to TCU/Texas game Longhorn76wearing purple2015
Bob Campbell 1 yes
Brenda Litwin Nibert 1 yes Thanks to all the organizers.
Bruce Wiland 1 yes no current comment
Cathy Berry Jones 2 yes I have mailed the check for $50.00 for Larry and me
Cathie Proper Dezik 2 yes
Chris Mayrath Hanson 1 yes
Dale McCaleb Fitzgerald 1 yes Will do my best to be there! Will send $$ regardless!! Can't wait!!
David Edmonson 1 yes
Debbie Hathaway 2 yes
Dee Cocke Cheney 1 yes
Dennis Tully 1 yes Check is in the mail. See you all there!
Frank Cole 1 yes Party on
Jerry Martin 2 yes
John Wolcott 2 yes I sent Becky a check Friday. Cindi and I are looking forward to see everyone. See y'all Saturday.
Judy Mynett Ward 1 yes
Karen Poliner Burton 1 yes Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Katherine Hershey 1 yes
Linda Haworth Nichols 1 yes
Linda Jo Davis Evans 1 yes I'll send my check to you Beckie
Lynn Davis 1 yes I will to ride Dart ParaTransit so I need to know when it will close to get my ride home.
Marilyn Metzger Horton 1 yes Looking forward to this!
Mark Stetson 1 yes
Martha Irwin Hooker 2 yes I will send my check to Beckie.
Mary Gaye Ratliff Lewis 2 yes Check mailed today (from Craig Lewis, not sure if he put my name on it)
Melissa Green Farris 1 yes Looking forward to this!
Nancy Thomas Mixson 1 yes
Paula Robinson McDonald 1 yes I'll be there!! My reunion ck is on the way!
Randall Smith 1 yes See you all Saturday!
Randy Mobley 2 yes
Richard Knox 1 yes
Sheree Srader Guinn 1 yes My reservations for hotel are made, check has been mailed, see yall soon

The following did not attend but did RSVP.

Classmate Name Comments
Beth Vowan Dowdy Sorry WTWfriends, trey and I have plans. It's my birthday!
William Day Sorry not to be able to make it. Planning on the 50th!
Carol Schelling Cash Unfortunately I had said I was coming but we have company coming in Saturday. Sorry I will miss the reunion. I really liked the idea of something simple.
Carolyn Spurlock Giffen Just getting back in town. If it's possible to add me - I can bring a check to the event or mail it
Cindy Martin Martin I'm so glad to be able to see the "old geezers" of 1970! I'll be there with bells on. See you there.
Connie Harrell McNulty
Debby Tarpley Laffity
Frank Pillsbury Wish I was going to be in town. Sounds like a great turnout.
Gary Jacobs See you for the 50th! Have fun!
Hal Roberts look forward to seeing everyone, hopefully my house being built in Heartland will be finished
Jay Walters
Jim DeFontes Oct is a very busy month for me and I will not be able to attend.
John Hughston
Karen MacKenzie Hunt
Karen Prager Eaves See you at the 50th, God willing!
Karen Reece
Karyl Reedy Aronoff
Marsha Fleishman Zimmerman I'm not able to attend the get together, but I'm sure you will all have a great time.
Mary Lynn Bibbs Tucker Hello, Friends~ How fun that you're planning a 45th reunion celebration! I'm sorry that I won't be able to make it... but do send my very best wishes to all. Will be looking forward to the 50th... God willing. Have a wonderful time together!
Nancy Leverenz McCord I'm sorry I will not be able to come. We will be out of town. Have fun.
Paul Ditto
Rhonda Tyler not going to be able to make the 45th but God willing will be there for the 50th .
Richard Merck Sorry, but I will be out of state on work - but you all have a good time.
Robert Salih Will be at a church retreat at Lake Texoma & unfortunately will miss the reunion. My best to all!
Sheryl Huie Culley Steve and I will be at a wedding the weekend of our 45th, so sorry to miss it.
Susan Parker
Vicky Fagerstrom Giannelli Greetings from Camano Island WA

64 classmates RSVD'd and 37 came to the reunion.
There were 48 persons present, including guests.