Cabell Alumni

The persons shown on this list lived in the Cabell area and were members of the future Senior Class of 1970. The ones marked with asterisks did not graduate from WTW. All went on to T. C. Marsh in 7th grade except those with a double asterisk. Some of them could possibly have moved into the Cabell area after May 1964. If you can confirm any of those in Group 2 or 3 as actually having attended Cabell or not, send an email to

Group 1 - Known Graduates (Class of 1964)

Knowles Cornwell          3152 Spur Trail
Jimmy Darling
Betsy Fink                11820 High Valley Drive
Randy Mobley              3311 Cloverdale Lane

Group 2 - Probable Graduates (lived north of LBJ Freeway and to the west of Marsh Lane)

Allen Adkins*             3139 Myra Lane
Tim Adkisson              3316 Portlock Drive
Phillip Alexander         3457 Ridgeoak Way
Steve Anderson            13371 Belfield Drive
Gary Atterbury            13433 Winterhaven Drive
Bobby Baker*              13207 Belfield Drive
Donna Bandy*              3171 Brincrest
Billy Black*              13323 Castleton Drive
Ralph Blackmon*           13527 Shahan Drive
Rick Brooks               2821 Sunnyhill Lane
Jay Brown                 13223 Challaburton Drive
George Cates*             2112 Chatsworth Drive
Tom Covey                 3542 Morningstar Lane
Kurt Crawford*            3161 Longmeade Drive
Wayne Croom               13509 Mount Castle Drive
Thomas Crosson*           12633 Sunglow Lane
Steve Culley              12628 Templeton Trail
Stuart Culley             12628 Templeton Trail
Bobby Dean                3418 Mapledale Drive
Lerae Dedrick             13414 Winterhaven Drive
Debra DeWolf*             13526 Winterhaven Drive
Richard Fincher           3405 Cloverdale Lane
Billie Ford*              3141 Colchester Drive
Terry Fry*                3457 Morningstar Lane
Anthony Gesino            3411 Golden Dale Drive
Cathy Gilbert*            3474 Golden Dale Drive
Connie Harrell            13220 Mount Castle Drive
Dan Harris                12123 Amsterdam Road
David Harris              12123 Amsterdam Road
Scott Harris*             3431 Cloverdale Lane
Patricia Higgins*         3210 Damascus Way
Karen Holmes*             13551 Challaburton Drive
Sheryl Huie               13446 Emeline Street
David Jackson             13404 Glenside Drive
Danney Jarman*            3134 Myra Lane
John Johnston             3336 Chadwell Drive
Debbie Kingsley*          3562 Ridgeoak Way
Randy Laughlin*           3425 Cloverdale Lane
Don Lemmons Jr*           3219 Myra Lane
Bill Lewis                3132 Valley View Lane
Debbie Librach            3347 Cloverdale Lane
Jerry Lindsley*           13418 Shahan Drive
Rick Luck*                13318 Mount Castle Drive
Susan Martin*             3414 Morningstar Lane
Stacy  McGrew*            13535 Winterhaven Drive
Mike McMahon              12115 Eunice Street
Nancy McMurray*           12118 Brisbane Avenue
Scott Messer              3507 Ridgeoak Way
Marilyn Mitchell          12606 Gaslite Circle
Tina Mullen               13210 Mount Castle Drive
Debra Myers               3235 Damascus Way
Sharon Oliver             13405 Mount Castle Drive
Elaine Osburn             3178 Brookhollow Drive
Bill Perley               12615 Sunglow Lane
Jay Price*                13356 Winterhaven Drive
Marsha Ragsdale*          12505 Keyport Drive
Marsha Rainey*            3104 Damascus Way
Cathy Ramos*              3226 Damascus Way
Robert Reames*            13503 Challaburton Drive
Carolyn Roberts           13408 Mount Castle Drive
Betty Robinson            12211 Amsterdam Road
Paula Robinson            13510 Emeline Street
Bruce Rowe                13307 Mount Castle Drive
Karen Secrest             12220 Eunice Street
Russell Shaffer           13438 Shahan Drive
Lois Shapard              3557 Ridgeoak Way
Patsy Small*              13326 Glenside Drive
Abbie Smith               13512 Castleton Drive
Kristy Smith              3327 Portlock Drive
Ellen Sobel*              12621 Shadyridge Lane
Debbie Sorenson*          3466 Mapledale Drive
Teresa Thompson           13333 Challaburton Drive
Dennis Tully              3310 Longmeade Drive
Barbara Tyson             3112 Myra Lane
Sheri Underwood           13221 Castleton Drive
Kim Van Kirk              2872 Meadow Port Drive
Martin Welch*             3135 Damascus Way
Jessie Williams*          13227 Challaburton Drive

Group 3 - Possible Graduates (lived south of LBJ Freeway, north of Forest Lane, and to the west of Marsh Lane)

Rick Adams                3559 High Bluff Drive
Kathy Alexander           12355 High Meadow Drive
Cheryl Allison            3566 High Vista Drive
Dan Allred                11915 Cromwell Drive
Michael Bearden*          12220 High Meadow Drive
Frank Berry*              12120 High Meadow Drive
Kristy Berry*             12120 High Meadow Drive
Vickie Bos*               11827 Cromwell Drive
Cathy Caldwell            3238 Highbrook Drive
Lynn Chookas              3343 High Bluff Drive
Emily Donald*             11832 High Valley Drive
Annette Evans             3471 High Bluff Drive
Janet Fenton*             12023 High Meadow Drive
Jay Flemister             12128 High Meadow Drive
Joanna Gardner*           3221 Highbrook Drive
Barbara Gibke             3617 Ridgebriar Drive
Andrea Gubin              12119 High Meadow Drive
Darb Gunn                 3659 Ridgebriar Drive
Pamela Head               3323 High Bluff Drive
Beverly Hitchcock*        12103 High Meadow Drive
Mike Holmes*              3616 High Vista Drive
Fred Hughes*              11930 High Valley Drive
Richard Kreekon           3561 Ridgebriar Drive
Melissa Mason*            3604 High Bluff Drive
Karen McCook*             3256 Highbrook Drive
Debbie McDaniel*          12252 High Meadow Drive
Deena McLarry*            12239 Ridgecove Drive
Susan Parker              3605 Ridgebriar Drive
Charles Ragin*            3468 High Bluff Drive
Shannon Ready             3433 High Vista Drive
Steven Riddle*            12240 High Meadow Circle
Howard Robin*             11912 High Valley Drive
Lisa Robinson*            3434 High Vista Drive
Donna Roy*                3222 Highlark Drive
Cathy Sears*              3452 High Bluff Drive
Debra Sellers*            12225 Ridgecove Drive
Greg Sismilich            3536 High Bluff Drive
Phil Smuland              3624 High Mesa Drive
Ann Tait*                 3223 High Vista Drive
Cathy Tanner              11808 High Meadow Drive
Rod Taylor*               12030 High Meadow Drive
Paul Tsotsos              3547 High Bluff Drive
Terry Utgard              12232 Ridgecove Drive
David Walters*            3431 High Bluff Drive
Steve Wetter              3047 Ridgebriar Drive
Diane Wolfe*              3604 High Vista Drive