DeGolyer Alumni

The persons shown on this list lived in the DeGolyer area and most were members of the future Senior Class of 1970. The ones marked with asterisks moved and did not graduate from WTW. All went on to T. C. Marsh in 7th grade except those with a double asterisk. Some of them could possibly have moved into the DeGolyer area after May 1964. If you can confirm any of those in Group 2 as actually having attended DeGolyer or not, send an email to

Group 1 - Known Graduates (Class of 1964)
Irwin Adams               3193 Northaven Road
Jackye Andreoli*          3509 Orchard Ridge Court
Kathy Armstrong*          3531 Flair Drive
Robert Bajackson          3419 Saint Cloud Circle
Cathy Berry               3638 Mid-Pines Drive
Mark Brown                11414 Cherry Ridge Court
Bob Campbell              10946 Lathrop
Suzan Campbell            3524 Whitehall Drive
David Cassel**            ???? Northhaven
Don Clary                 3668 Whitehall Drive
Cathy Cleland             3346 Latham Drive
Sharon Collier            3323 Dothan Drive
Lynn Davis                3347 Dothan Drive
Jimmy DeFontes III        11526 Mid-Surrey  Court
Paul Ditto Jr             3616 Townsend Drive
Steve Dixon               3438 Whitehall Drive
Charles Dodds*            3346 Townsend Drive
Chase Dustin*             3353 Leahy Drive
Melody Eyres              3451 Saint Cloud Circle
Vicky Fagerstrom          3278 Saint Croix Drive
Leslie Fisher             3239 Latham Drive
Marsha Fleishman          11318 Coral Hills
Howard Galletly           3340 Dothan Drive
Carol Goforth             3251 Leahy Drive
Jerry Greene*             11736 Coral Hills Place  
Cindy Hart                3550 Flair Drive
Stephanie Harvey          10904 Lathrop
Debbie Hathaway           3560 Townsend Drive
Camille Hodges            3329 Leahy Drive
John Hughston             3631 Coral Gables Drive
Judi Hutchinson*          3509 Whitehall Drive
Bob Klinck                3537 Townsend Drive
Andy Lawler               3619 Vinecrest Drive
Bill LeGrow               11343 Coral Hills Drive
Warren LeGrow             11343 Coral Hills Drive
Brodie Lewis              3227 Tower Trail
Weston Lewis              11517 Mid-Surrey Court
Andy Littlejohn*           
Paula Lozano              3195 Townsend Drive
Ruth Ann MacFarlane       3248 Tower Trail
Dale McCaleb              3415 Winged Foot Court
Bill McCaw                3608 Jubilee Trail
Pat McManemin             3548 Townsend Drive
Scott Mahaffey*           3677 Weeburn Drive
Patty Myers               3415 Saint Cloud Circle
William Nash              11431 Cromwell Court
Julie Oftebro             3449 Northaven Road
Frank Pillsbury           3534 Orchard Ridge Court
Cathie Proper             3304 Townsend Drive
Susan Rands               3636 Townsend Drive
Gaye Ratliff              3424 Winged Foot Court
Karyl Reedy               3224 Jubilee Trail
Beth Richardson           3227 Leahy Drive
Kathy Riley               3216 Latham Drive
Becky Roberts             3365 Northaven Road
Robert Rubinett           3316 Jubilee Trail
Robert Rudes              3422 Saint Cloud Circle
Lynda Rush                3126 Jubilee Trail
Suzanne Scott             3515 Jubilee Trail
Robbie Seidel
Steve Shankweiler*        3648 Whitehall  Drive
Steve Smith               3232 Dothan Drive
Cindy Sosebee*            10841 Damon Lane
Lucy Sorrells             3609 Vancouver Drive
Tom Upton*                3624 Mid-Pines Drive
Cathy Vandersteen         3214 Modella Avenue
Pete  Vilbig*             3421 Dartmoor Drive
Tom Wantuck               3611 Weeburn Drive
Steve Webb*               3256 Whitehall Drive
Dennis Weinberg           3334 Latham Drive
Dana Whitledge*           3474 Saint Cloud Circle
Marsha Young              11739 Coral Hills Drive
Group 2 - Probable Graduates
Kenneth Alexander         3640 Coral GablesDrive
Janice Asbill*            3245 Dothan Drive
Patricia Bell             11573 Coral Hills
Glenda Bland              3335 Leahy Drive
Diane Brown*              3235 Townsend Drive
Robert Carr*              3523 Townsend Drive
Randy Casteel             3240 Tower Trail
Thomas Collins*           3111 Sombrero Drive
Richard Conley*           3637 Flair Drive
Sue Danielson*            3158 Northaven Road
Frank Files*              3346 Jubilee Trail
Steve Floyd*              11319 Coral Hills
Donna Garfield*           3251 Latham Drive
Kathy Gold*               3358 Saint Cloud Circle
Gay Golden*               3385 Townsend Drive
Virginia Hall*            11668 Coral Hills Court
Rick Harp*                3524 Mid-Pines Drive
Martha Houser             3521 Vancouver Drive
Rosemarie Illich          3374 Jubilee Trail
Henry King IV             3340 Jubilee Trail
Barbara Kirk              3429 Northaven Road
Mike Lewis                3623 Townsend Drive
Susan Lloyd*              11526 Cromwell Circle
Douglas Malany            3523 Whitehall Drive
Cindy Martin              3648 Flair Drive
Ronald Moore              3144 Modella Avenue
Patricia Morrison*        3243 Modella Avenue
Cynthia Phillips          11023 Beauty Lane
Susan Potter*             3304 Leahy Drive
Susan Priester            3346 Leahy Drive
Janet Rauch*              3329 Townsend Drive
Becky Robertson           3608 Flair Drive
Robert Spencer            10929 Damon Lane
Laura Sundstrom           3638 Northaven Road
Robin Turrella*           11474 Cromwell Court
Cindy Ventura*            3508 Vancouver Drive
Janet Sue Viles*          3210 Saint Croix Drive
Renee Vowel               11434 Sonnet Drive
Wayne Warren Jr           11554 Coral Hills Drive
Tom Whitehurst            10912 Beauty Lane
Marty Williams            3131 Sombrero Drive
Carol Wood                3624 Townsend Drive
Kathleen Young            3305 Townsend Drive
Group 3 - Attended DeGolyer but Were Transferred to Marcus in 6th Grade
Benji Blades              2915 Satsuma Drive
Cindy Blundell            2904 Satsuma Drive
Ellen Bolton              3154 Wildflower Drive
Chris Daugherty*          3070Sundial Drive
Alan Dwelle               3004 Townsend Drive
Bill Edrington            3039 Satsuma Drive
Theresa Garrett           3061 Talisman Drive
Tibbie Hester             3049 Sundial Drive
Guyanne Hines             10842 Brockbank Drive
Jim Hoefer                3153 Silverton Drive
Gary Jacobs               3015 Silverton Drive
Jimmy Magee               3059 Satsuma Drive
Deborah Mallett           3016 Silverton Drive
Jerry Martin              2943 Latham Drive
Sandra McCullough         2909 Silverton Drive
John McGill*              3135 Wildflower Drive
Sheryl McPherson          2949 Silverton Drive
Sara Morrissey            2975 Talisman Drive
Steve Mosier              2969 Sundial Drive
Julie Norman              2958 Wildflower Drive
Dave Pardee               2922 Satsuma Drive
Lynn Rector*              2970 Sundial Drive
Karen Reece*              11004 Brockbank Drive
Lynn Reeves               2967 Talisman Drive
Zade Rosenthal            2910 Talisman Drive
Hanlon Skillman           3005 Sundial Drive
Chip Staggs               3141 Wildflower Drive
Beth Tenison              3136 Talisman Drive
Bruce Wiland              3007 Latham Drive
Group 4 - Attended DeGolyer but Were Transferred to Withers in 4th Grade
Craig Gray
Scott Ferson
Susan Johnston
Group 5 - Attended DeGolyer but Moved Before Graduating from DeGolyer
Debbie Hill**             Leahy Drive
Becky Russell**           Royal Lane
Allen Strickland**
Pam Wilson**              Royal Lane
Group 6 - Moved within the DeGolyer Boundaries after Elementary School
Laura Nardozza            10935 Beauty Lane         (Burnett Elementary)

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