Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Marcus Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Diane Thomas 10822 Brockbank Drive
g Guyanne Hines 10842 Brockbank Drive
11 Karen Reece 11004 Brockbank Drive
g Eileen Thompson 10832 Channel Drive
g Dian Allison 11010 Channel Drive
g James Shaner 3005 Dothan Lane
g Rhonda Tyler 10933 Grissom Lane
11 Barbara Frederick 2776 Jerridee Circle
g Jerry Martin 2943 Latham Drive
g Bruce Wiland 3007 Latham Drive
g Grace Meritz 2959 Leahy Drive
10 Cindy Thompson 3036 Leahy Drive
11 Pat Bryson 2796 Northaven Road
11 Jerald Cooke 2796 Northaven Road
g Deb Coffey 3122 Northaven Road
g Sandy Busse 2825 Royal Lane
11 Cindi Busse 2825 Royal Lane
11 Eddie Busse 2825 Royal Lane
g Donna Muirhead 2835 Royal Lane
11 Larry Chapman 2835 Royal Lane
11 Judy Sykes 2931 Royal Lane
g Cynthia Blundell 2904 Satsuma Drive
g Benji Blades 2915 Satsuma Drive
g Dave Pardee 2922 Satsuma Drive
g Bill Edrington 3039 Satsuma Drive
11 Lorri Shaw 3040 Satsuma Drive
g Jimmy Magee 3059 Satsuma Drive
g Paul Rogers 3138 Satsuma Drive
g Sandra McCullough 2909 Silverton Drive
g Debbie Watts 2949 Silverton Drive
g Debbie Mallett 3016 Silverton Drive
g Jim Hoefer 3153 Silverton Drive
g Steve Mosier 2969 Sundial Drive
10 Lynn Rector 2970 Sundial Drive
g Tibbie Hester 3049 Sundial Drive
g Terri Gravette 3123 Sundial Drive
g John Wolcott 3139 Sundial Drive
g Zade Rosenthal 2910 Talisman Drive
g Cherryl Reeves 2967 Talisman Drive
g Sara Morrissey 2975 Talisman Drive
g Theresa Garrett 3061 Talisman Drive
10 Gayle Maxwell 3125 Talisman Drive
11 Froggy Maxwell 3135 Talisman Drive
g Beth Tenison 3136 Talisman Drive
g Marsha Tafelski 2958 Townsend Drive
g Alan Dwelle 3004 Townsend Drive
g Mike Barta 3015 Townsend Drive
g Sherry McPherson 3811 Whitehall Drive
g Julie Norman 2958 Wildflower Drive
g Rich Young 3050 Wildflower Drive
g Mark Kobilka 3118 Wildflower Drive
g Carolyn Kalldin 3136 Wildflower Drive
g Chip Staggs 3141 Wildflower Drive