Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

DeGolyer Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Tom Whitehurst 10912 Beauty Lane
g Laura Nardozza 10935 Beauty Lane
g Cindy Phillips 11023 Beauty Lane
11 Hank Pochyla 11404 Cherry Ridge Court
g Mark Brown 11414 Cherry Ridge Court
g John Hughston 3631 Coral Gables Drive
g Ken Alexander 3640 Coral Gables Drive
11 Paulette Lagasse 11644 Coral Hills Court
g Dennis Allen 11668 Coral Hills Court
g Marsha Fleishman 11318 Coral Hills Drive
g Bill LeGrow 11343 Coral Hills Drive
g Warren LeGrow 11343 Coral Hills Drive
11 Patricia Cognetta 11457 Coral Hills Drive
g Wayne Warren 11554 Coral Hills Drive
g Patricia Bell 11573 Coral Hills Drive
g Marsha Young 11739 Coral Hills Drive
g Sue Morgan 3234 Coral Rock Lane
g Bill Nash 11431 Cromwell Court
g Linda Petty 10909 Cromwell Drive
11 James Trimble 11451 Cromwell Drive
g Robert Spencer 10929 Damon Lane
11 Johnny Potter 3245 Dartmoor Court
11 Pete Vilbig 3421 Dartmoor Drive
g Steve Smith 3232 Dothan Lane
g Sharon Collier 3323 Dothan Lane
g Pam Garhart 3329 Dothan Lane
g Howard Galletly 3340 Dothan Lane
g Lynn Davis 3347 Dothan Lane
g Cindy Hart 3550 Flair Drive
g Becky Robertson 3608 Flair Drive
g Cindy Martin 3648 Flair Drive
g Lynda Rush 3126 Jubilee Trail
g Janice Pakula 3150 Jubilee Trail
g Donna Cegelski 3161 Jubilee Trail
g Karyl Reedy 3224 Jubilee Trail
g Robert Rubinett 3316 Jubilee Trail
g Henry King 3340 Jubilee Trail
g Rosemarie Illich 3374 Jubilee Trail
g Leslie Fisher 3426 Jubilee Trail
g Suzanne Scott 3515 Jubilee Trail
g Bill McCaw 3608 Jubilee Trail
g Kathy Riley 3216 Latham Drive
11 Donna Garfield 3251 Latham Drive
g David Tinsley 3317 Latham Drive
g Marilyn Tinsley 3317 Latham Drive
g Dennis Weinberg 3334 Latham Drive
g Cathy Cleland 3346 Latham Drive
g Stephanie Harvey 10904 Lathrop Drive
g Marty Goodwin 10922 Lathrop Drive
g Bob Campbell 10946 Lathrop Drive
g Beth Richardson 3227 Leahy Drive
g Carol Goforth 3251 Leahy Drive
g Camille Hodges 3329 Leahy Drive
g Glenda Bland 3335 Leahy Drive
g Susan Priester 3346 Leahy Drive
11 Bonnie Bray 3134 Longbow Court
g Wes Lewis 11517 Mid-Surrey Court
g Jim DeFontes 11526 Mid-Surrey Court
11 Rick Harp 3524 Midpines Drive
g Cathy Berry 3638 Midpines Drive
g Ronald Moore 3144 Modella Avenue
12 David Hughes 3175 Modella Avenue
g Cathy Vandersteen 3214 Modella Avenue
10 Sue Danielson 3158 Northaven Road
g William Wu 3182 Northaven Road
g Irwin Adams 3193 Northaven Road
11 Ron MacMillan 3248 Northaven Road
g Lee Portwood 3269 Northaven Road
g Becky Roberts 3365 Northaven Road
g Kandi Israelson 3385 Northaven Road
g Barby Kirk 3429 Northaven Road
g Julie Oftebro 3449 Northaven Road
g Susan Bell 3607 Northaven Road
g Kathy King 3618 Northaven Road
g Laura Sundstrom 3638 Northaven Road
10 Jackye Andreoli 3509 Orchard Ridge Court
g Frank Pillsbury 3534 Orchard Ridge Court
g Jim Webster 3353 Royal Lane
g Patti Myers 3415 Saint Cloud Circle
g Robert Bajackson 3419 Saint Cloud Circle
g Robert Rudes 3422 Saint Cloud Circle
g Melody Eyres 3451 Saint Cloud Circle
g Vicky Fagerstrom 3278 Saint Croix Drive
11 Marty Williams 3131 Sombrero Drive
g Renee Vowel 11434 Sonnet Drive
g Curt Ashmos 11616 Sonnet Drive
g Brodie Lewis 3227 Tower Trail
g Randy Casteel 3240 Tower Trail
g Ruth Ann MacFarlane 3248 Tower Trail
g Paula Lozano 3195 Townsend Drive
g Dan McEvoy 3223 Townsend Drive
g Cathie Proper 3304 Townsend Drive
g Kathleen Young 3305 Townsend Drive
10 Tod Bisch 3346 Townsend Drive
12 Charles Dodds 3346 Townsend Drive
10 Gay Golden 3385 Townsend Drive
g Bob Klinck 3537 Townsend Drive
g Pat McManemin 3548 Townsend Drive
g Debbie Hathaway 3560 Townsend Drive
g Ellen Henry 3615 Townsend Drive
g Paul Ditto 3616 Townsend Drive
g Mike Lewis 3623 Townsend Drive
g Carol Wood 3624 Townsend Drive
g Susan Rands 3636 Townsend Drive
12 Cindy Ventura 3508 Vancouver Drive
g Martha Houser 3521 Vancouver Drive
g Lucy Sorrells 3609 Vancouver Drive
g David Kessler 3619 Vancouver Drive
g Tom Wantuck 3611 Weeburn Drive
11 Eddy Rose 3663 Weeburn Drive
11 Scott Mahaffey 3677 Weeburn Drive
g Jay Moore 3120 Whitehall Drive
12 Denise Dallas 3156 Whitehall Drive
g Steve Dixon 3438 Whitehall Drive
g Doug Malany 3523 Whitehall Drive
g Suzy Campbell 3524 Whitehall Drive
g Don Clary 3668 Whitehall Drive
g Dale McCaleb 3415 Winged Foot Court
g Mary Gaye Ratliff 3424 Winged Foot Court