Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Cabell Neighborhood (south of LBJ)

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Peter Low 11811 Cromwell Drive
11 Kay Patrick 11821 Cromwell Drive
10 Vickie Bos 11827 Cromwell Drive
g Dan Allred 11915 Cromwell Drive
g Greg Toole 3311 Forest Lane
g Jade Keeton 3325 Forest Lane
g Raymond Keeton 3325 Forest Lane
g Pam Head 3323 High Bluff Drive
g Lynn Chookas 3343 High Bluff Drive
g Patty Howrey 3468 High Bluff Drive
g Annette Evans 3471 High Bluff Drive
g Greg Sismilich 3536 High Bluff Drive
g Paul Tsotsos 3547 High Bluff Drive
g Rick Adams 3559 High Bluff Drive
11 Teresa Brown 3624 High Bluff Drive
g Cathy Tanner 11808 High Meadow Drive
g Janet Fenton 12023 High Meadow Drive
12 Rod Taylor 12030 High Meadow Drive
10 Beverly Hitchcock 12103 High Meadow Drive
g Andrea Gubin 12119 High Meadow Drive
g Jay Flemister 12128 High Meadow Drive
10 Rita Shapp 12135 High Meadow Drive
g Steve Radebaugh 12324 High Meadow Drive
g Anneke Meinster 12335 High Meadow Drive
g Kathy Alexander 12355 High Meadow Drive
g Jackie Clarizio 12406 High Meadow Drive
11 Roberta Petrosius 12429 High Meadow Drive
g Sarah Toppins 12726 High Meadow Drive
12 Kathy Graham 3428 High Mesa Drive
g Phil Smuland 3624 High Mesa Drive
11 Tim Barton 3218 High Vista Drive
g Larry Coleman 3224 High Vista Drive
11 Marie Eubanks 3260 High Vista Drive
11 Jeri Rinker 3310 High Vista Drive
g Shannon Ready 3433 High Vista Drive
g Cheryl Allison 3566 High Vista Drive
g Cathy Caldwell 3238 Highbrook Drive
12 Jodie Evans 3247 Highlark Drive
11 Douglas Baumgartner 11909 Marsh Lane
11 Kay Chunn 11909 Marsh Lane
g Julie Harding 3621 Park Ridge Drive
g Steve Wetter 3047 Ridgebriar Drive
g Adele Richman 3514 Ridgebriar Drive
g Phil Keese 3526 Ridgebriar Drive
g Sharon Sanders 3543 Ridgebriar Drive
g Rich Kreekon 3561 Ridgebriar Drive
g Susan Parker 3605 Ridgebriar Drive
g Barbara Gibke 3617 Ridgebriar Drive
g Darb Gunn 3659 Ridgebriar Drive
g Terry Utgard 12232 Ridgecove Drive