Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Cabell Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Dan Harris 12123 Amsterdam Road
g David Harris 12123 Amsterdam Road
g Betty Robinson 12211 Amsterdam Road
g Lanny Temple 3450 Bevann Drive
g Jacque Whetstone 3104 Brincrest Drive
g Rose Lunkwicz 12220 Brisbane Avenue
g Jeanne Rouget 12246 Brisbane Avenue
g Elaine Osburn 3178 Brookhollow Drive
g Lynn Coyle 3506 Chellen Drive
g Susan Smith 3518 Chellen Drive
g Randy Mobley 3311 Cloverdale Lane
g James Darling 3329 Cloverdale Lane
g Jackie Boswell 3341 Cloverdale Lane
g Debbie Librach 3347 Cloverdale Lane
g Richard Fincher 3405 Cloverdale Lane
g Dan Gerson 3410 Cloverdale Lane
12 Randy Laughlin 3425 Cloverdale Lane
g Janie Nelsen 3431 Cloverdale Lane
g Debbie Nichols 3474 Cloverdale Lane
g Becky Grant 3568 Cloverdale Lane
g Jane Hargis 3615 Courtdale Drive
g David Dick 3623 Courtdale Drive
g Debra Myers 3235 Damascus Way
g Mike McMahon 12115 Eunice Street
g Dennis Steinhour 12118 Eunice Street
g Karen Secrest 12220 Eunice Street
g Marilyn Mitchell 12606 Gaslite Circle
g Tony Gesino 3411 Golden Dale Drive
g Ed Liles 3414 Janlyn Lane
g Suzanne Schell 3431 Janlyn Lane
g Craig Harlow 3461 Janlyn Lane
g Bob Dean 3418 Mapledale Drive
g Sandy Bennett 3466 Mapledale Drive
11 Susan Martin 3414 Morningstar Lane
11 Terry Fry 3457 Morningstar Lane
11 David Pugh 3480 Morningstar Lane
g Tom Covey 3542 Morningstar Lane
12 Mickie Laffen 3675 Morningstar Lane
g Barbara Tyson 3112 Myra Lane
11 Emil Terry 3134 Myra Lane
11 Don Lemmons 3219 Myra Lane
11 Deral Adams 3321 Ridgeoak Way
g Phillip Alexander 3457 Ridgeoak Way
g Scott Messer 3507 Ridgeoak Way
g Lois Shapard 3557 Ridgeoak Way
11 Debbie Kingsley 3562 Ridgeoak Way
12 Teresa Crowley 3441 Rockmartin Drive
g Knowles Cornwell 3152 Spur Trail
g Nancy Thomas 3165 Spur Trail
g Karen MacKenzie 12612 Sunglow Lane
g Bill Perley 12615 Sunglow Lane
g Mike Bernat 12640 Sunglow Lane
g Steve Culley 12628 Templeton Trail
g Stu Culley 12628 Templeton Trail
g Bill Lewis 3132 Valley View Lane