Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Gooch/Marsh Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
11 Gordon Rawls 4015 Allencrest Lane
g Bob Warner 4047 Allencrest Lane
g Karen Poliner 4163 Allencrest Lane
g Jim Nodeland 3876 Antigua Drive
11 Kathleen Morgan 12340 Band Box Place
g Gary Hascal 12017 Bencrest Place
g Chris Rogers 3840 Boca Bay Drive
g Charlie Herrin 3955 Boca Bay Drive
11 Graig Swanson 4007 Calculus Drive
g Alan Shore 3936 Cedar Bayou Drive
g Robin Garnick 3977 Cedar Bayou Drive
g Fred King 12407 Cedar Bend Drive
11 Donna Tigner 12505 Cedar Bend Drive
g Barry McGaughey 12808 Cedar Bend Drive
g Robert Heck 3921 Circle Bluff Court
g Barby Glaze 3922 Circle Bluff Court
g Dixie Price 11864 Cold Harbor Drive
g Barby Johnston 11918 Cold Harbor Drive
g Carey Newton 12107 Cox Lane
g Gary Peterson 3846 Crest Cove Circle
g Gene Phillips 3720 Crown Shore Drive
11 Pat Haddock 3741 Crown Shore Drive
g Joanna Tonn 3785 Crown Shore Drive
g Rod Shaw 3849 Crown Shore Drive
g Brian Lusk 3946 Crown Shore Drive
g Barbara Goetz 4023 Crown Shore Drive
g Cathy Clancy 4031 Crown Shore Drive
g Mike Anderson 4058 Crown Shore Drive
g Martha Winegarten 3930 Deep Valley Drive
g Dennis Kellam 3949 Deep Valley Drive
g Daniel Ronan 4116 Deep Valley Drive
g Steven Tufts 3906 High Summit Drive
g Beverly Field 3728 High Vista Drive
11 Ronnie Board 3728 High Vista Drive
g Marian Hirsch 3743 High Vista Drive
g Mark McClennahan 3760 High Vista Drive
g Jane Parsons 3780 High Vista Drive
11 Wayne Bushy 3780 High Vista Drive
g Janet Bushman 12231 Hightower Place
11 Mary Darby 12525 Lochmeadows Drive
g Alan Wilson 12561 Lochmeadows Drive
g Dirk Knops 4030 Mendenhall Drive
11 Terry Tracy 4032 Myerwood Lane
g Linda Haworth 4131 Myerwood Lane
g Dan Holmes 3740 Pageant Place
g Mike Ruff 3738 Truesdale Place
g Mark Stoddard 4115 Willow Ridge Drive
g Gary Clark 4123 Willow Ridge Drive
g Mary Kay Near 4156 Willow Ridge Drive