Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Hockaday Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Judy Mynett 4308 Alta Vista Lane
g Sally Briggs 4324 Alta Vista Lane
g Stuart Barzune 4333 Alta Vista Lane
g Ceil DeuPree 4414 Alta Vista Lane
12 Mark Sears 4415 Alta Vista Lane
g Rhonda Taylor 4647 Alta Vista Lane
g Dennis Vaughan 4710 Alta Vista Lane
g Gary Vaughan 4710 Alta Vista Lane
g Katherine Hershey 4729 Alta Vista Lane
g Joan Bernbaum 4748 Alta Vista Lane
g Mary Ennis 4825 Alta Vista Lane
g Ron Harrison 4216 Bobbitt Drive
g Susan Johns 4424 Bobbitt Drive
g Martha Irwin 4432 Bobbitt Drive
g James Perry 4710 Bobbitt Drive
g Kathryn Bell 5426 Caladium Drive
g Evan Evans 4221 Cedarbrush Drive
g Lynn Carriker 4231 Cedarbrush Drive
g Jane Hall 4324 Cedarbrush Drive
g Bill Perry 4334 Cedarbrush Drive
g Marilyn Metzger 4344 Cedarbrush Drive
g Fredna Howard 4430 Cedarbrush Drive
g Judy Martin 4449 Cedarbrush Drive
g Billy Davis 4450 Cedarbrush Drive
g Debbie Davis 4450 Cedarbrush Drive
g Nancy Triece 4648 College Park Drive
g Fred Rudnick 4549 Crooked Lane
g Laura Shearin 4707 Crooked Lane
g Tom Hart 4708 Crooked Lane
g Carol Nunn 4233 Glenaire Drive
g Cutter Pritchett 4316 Glenaire Drive
g Becky Beard 4408 Goodfellow Drive
g William Day 4418 Goodfellow Drive
g Sheree Srader 4428 Goodfellow Drive
g Richard Lax 4507 Goodfellow Drive
g Ed Fitzgerald 4532 Goodfellow Drive
10 Pam Silverman 4538 Goodfellow Drive
g Doug Hodges 4350 Hallmark Drive
g Betsy Beard 4418 Hallmark Drive
g Kitty Landry 4510 Hallmark Drive
g Rick Jones 4607 Hallmark Drive
11 Randy Center 4617 Hallmark Drive
11 Tim Traver 4626 Hallmark Drive
g John Blaha 4709 Hallmark Drive
g Richard Knox 4831 Hallmark Drive
g Nancy Peiser 4207 Hockaday Drive
g Margaret Hale 4247 Hockaday Drive
11 Becky Terrill 4308 Hockaday Drive
g Cathy Snyder 4558 Hockaday Drive
g Ellen Bolton 4408 Irvin Simmons Drive
g Danna Dillingham 4538 Irvin Simmons Drive
11 Lisa Morgan 4651 Irvin Simmons Drive
g Rusty Ambler 4833 Irvin Simmons Drive
g Dick Goodall 4914 Keyhole Lane
g Liz May 4920 Mangold Circle
g Bob Browne 4530 Melissa Lane
g Joe Averill 4630 Melissa Lane
g Nancy Boyd 4643 Melissa Lane
10 Mike Moore 4730 Melissa Lane
g Beth Fentress 11119 Midway Road
g Stephanie Hirsch 11223 Midway Road
g Peter Ryba 11231 Midway Road
g Debbie Zelens 4440 Northaven Road
g Laura Hess 4450 Northaven Road
g Chris Mayrath 4921 Northaven Road
g John Kenyon 5019 Northaven Road
g Pat O'Connor 4236 Northview Lane
g Marilyn Howe 4321 Northview Lane
g Susan Thompson 5035 Royal Lane
g Pam Strobel 4329 San Gabriel Drive
g Randy Green 4211 Shady Hill Drive
g Scott Dillingham 4309 Shady Hill Drive
g Steve Lucado 4429 Shady Hill Drive
g Jan Turbeville 4439 Shady Hill Drive
g Sara Green 4449 Shady Hill Drive
11 Christy Garvin 11250 Shelterwood Lane
g Andy Lawler 4615 Vinecrest Drive