Who Lived in My Neighborhood?

Nathan Adams/White Neighborhood

This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
12 Tim Barron 4224 Allencrest Lane
g Joanne Schietinger 4233 Allencrest Lane
g Steve Parsons 4241 Allencrest Lane
g Betsy Fink 4311 Allencrest Lane
g Harper Perkins 4319 Allencrest Lane
g Mary Frymark 4504 Allencrest Lane
10 Bill Bendedict 4505 Allencrest Lane
g Mary Clariday 4510 Allencrest Lane
g Kathy Lee 4510 Allencrest Lane
11 Patti Noble 4623 Allencrest Lane
g Dana Temerlin 12123 Drujon Lane
g Dorothy Hilliard 4629 Ellensburg Drive
11 Debbie Jones 4731 Ellensburg Drive
g Carol Karcher 4831 Ellensburg Drive
11 Brian Linwell 4839 Ellensburg Drive
g Carol Waldman 4840 Ellensburg Drive
g Carol Schelling 4917 Ellensburg Drive
g Kevin Burk 12023 Fieldwood Lane
g Fred Tenny 4407 Forest Bend Road
g Richard Merck 4508 Forest Bend Road
g Randy Jones 4526 Forest Bend Road
g Rick O. Jones 4526 Forest Bend Road
g Ralph Messera 4545 Forest Bend Road
11 Tim Pohl 4748 Forest Bend Road
g Frank Cole 4808 Forest Bend Road
g Mark Stetson 4938 Forest Bend Road
g Michele Jannette 4944 Forest Bend Road
g Patty Lyde 5020 Forest Bend Road
g Gary Myrick 5021 Forest Bend Road
g Bill Ready 5035 Forest Bend Road
g John Davis 4619 Forest Lane
11 John Corn 4829 Forest Lane
g Robin Randall 4849 Forest Lane
11 Pete Perskin 4939 Forest Lane
11 Lynne Gorzell 4611 Gulfstream Drive
g Mike Lauten 4612 Gulfstream Drive
g Doug Rowe 4630 Gulfstream Drive
g Cindy Jones 4724 Gulfstream Drive
g Don Jones 4724 Gulfstream Drive
g Patti Coughlin 4916 Gulfstream Drive
11 Brian Harrington 12662 Harriet Circle
g Jay Walters 4733 Harvest Hill Road
g Doug Weatherford 4811 Harvest Hill Road
g Gwen Peterson 4939 Harvest Hill Road
g Robert Wolfe 5016 Harvest Hill Road
g Karen Nicholl 4606 Heatherbrook Drive
g Mary Fuller 4612 Heatherbrook Drive
g Mary Lynn Bibbs 4716 Heatherbrook Drive
11 Kathy Tudor 4723 Heatherbrook Drive
g Barbara Flanagan 4724 Heatherbrook Drive
g David Maher 4824 Heatherbrook Drive
g Linda Jo Davis 4914 Heatherbrook Drive
g Adeena Schween 4536 Laren Lane
g Richard Perry 4555 Laren Lane
g David Durnal 4556 Laren Lane
g Buddy Abdou 4219 Mendenhall Drive
g Becca Ethridge 4440 Mendenhall Drive
g Barbara Bridges 4515 Mendenhall Drive
g Deb Wehrle 4833 Mill Creek Place
11 Chuck Wyatt 4435 Mill Creek Road
g Linda Benner 4535 Mill Creek Road
g C. J. Liepman 4555 Mill Creek Road
11 Mike Bosnick 4556 Mill Creek Road
g Cynthia Waddill 4656 Mill Creek Road
g Linda Lutz 4733 Mill Creek Road
g Rich Zippel 4407 Mill Run Road
g Richard Kurtz 4435 Mill Run Road
g Bev Arms 4445 Mill Run Road
g Craig Knight 4808 Mill Run Road
g Ann Marie Bogenschutz 4818 Mill Run Road
g Chris McGowan 4838 Mill Run Road
g Christine Schwab 4847 Mill Run Road
g Michelle Mayeux 4958 Mill Run Road
11 Scott Randolph 4959 Mill Run Road
g Carla Coldwell 4407 Myerwood Lane
g Janna Malone 4520 Myerwood Lane
11 Nancy Stover 4615 Myerwood Lane
g Tom Moyer 4640 Myerwood Lane
g Charles Coleman 4206 Nashwood Lane
g Beth Boemer 4214 Nashwood Lane
g Duane Fisher 4222 Nashwood Lane
g Mike Ballew 4230 Nashwood Lane
g Gary Jacobs 4304 Nashwood Lane
10 Lynn Murray 4305 Nashwood Lane
g Mike Patterson 4405 Nashwood Lane
g Steve Goss 4418 Nashwood Lane
g Claudia Skaggs 4532 Nashwood Lane
g Cristy Hirsh 4615 Nashwood Lane
g Eileen Brennan 4624 Nashwood Lane
g Pat Gleboff 4631 Nashwood Lane
11 Diane Burkhart 4640 Nashwood Lane
g Susie Slack 4856 Nashwood Lane
g Ben Weston 4908 Nashwood Lane
g Hal Roberts 4140 Ridgeside Drive
g Gayle Mead 4446 Ridgeside Drive
g Ceil Jones 4606 Ridgeside Drive
11 Wendy Heslinga 4634 Ridgeside Drive
g Skip Neilson 4719 Ridgeside Drive
g Marty Cox 4808 Ridgeside Drive
g Patty Manning 4831 Ridgeside Drive
11 Scott Hurley 4415 Sugar Mill Road
g Lou Turner 4425 Sugar Mill Road
g Keith Rowland 4434 Sugar Mill Road
11 Linda Hummel 4728 Sugar Mill Road
g Brenda Dawson 4738 Sugar Mill Road
g Lynn Fickes 4823 Sugar Mill Road
g Suzie Finnell 4458 Twinpost Road
g Ken Lucas 4608 Twinpost Road
11 Barabara Baugh 4717 Twinpost Road
g Deb Sharpe 4747 Twinpost Road
g Laurie Smith 4848 Twinpost Road
g Carolyn Spurlock 4853 Twinpost Road
g Holly Clark 4911 Twinpost Road
g Debbie Miller 4447 Willow Lane
10 Pam Acker 4608 Willow Lane
g Bill David 4732 Willow Lane
11 Mike Bayles 4833 Willow Lane
g Robert Gold 4907 Willow Lane
g Mike McGrath 5025 Willow Lane