Who Lived in My Neighborhood?


This list is sorted by street name. Scroll down the list until you find your street and see who else lived on your block. Click on an address link, and a map with the location will open in a separate window (and probably a Google photo of what the house looks like today).

GR First Name Last Name Address
g Martha Knowles Box 35 *Addison Road
11 Johnny Adams Box 221 *Addison TX
10 Pam White Box 92 *Addison TX
g David Sugarek Box 674 *Rt. 5
g Dorinda Payne Box 802 *Rt. 5, Inwood Road
g Becky Hill Box 814 *Rt. 5, Inwood Road
g Marty Shirley Box 665D *Rt. 5, Lakeforest
g Faith Soles Box 689 *Rt. 5, Marsh Lane
g Joy Soles Box 689 *Rt. 5, Marsh Lane
g Debby Tarpley Box 698 *Rt. 5, Marsh Lane
11 Shirley Harper 682 Dooley Road, Addison