Marcus Alumni

The persons shown on this list lived in the Marcus area and were members of the future Senior Class of 1970. The ones marked with asterisks did not graduate from WTW. All went on to T. C. Marsh in 7th grade except those with a double asterisk. Some of them could possibly have moved into the Marcus area after May 1964. If you can confirm any of those in Group 2 as actually having attended Cabell or not, send an email to

Group 1 - Known Graduates (Class of 1964)

Benji C. Blades           2915 Satsuma Drive
Cynthia Lynn Blundell     2904 Satsuma Drive
Ellen Margaret Bolton     3154 Wildflower Drive
Chris Daugherty*          3070 Sundial Drive
Alan Chester Dwelle       3004 Townsend Drive
William Justus Edrington  3039 Satsuma Drive
Theresa Elaine Garrett    3061 Talisman Drive
Tibbie Lynnette Hester    3049 Sundial Drive
Guyanne Hines             10842 Brockbank Drive
James Anthony Hoefer      3153 Silverton Drive
Gary Craig Jacobs         3015 Silverton Drive
James William Magee       3059 Satsuma Drive
Deborah Irene Mallett     3016 Silverton Drive
Jerry DeWayne Martin      2943 Latham Drive
Sandra Jean McCullough    2909 Silverton Drive
John McGill*              3135 Wildflower Drive
Sheryl Ann McPherson      2949 Silverton Drive
Sara Ann Morrissey        2975 Talisman Drive
Charles Steven Mosier     2969 Sundial Drive
Julie A. Norman           2958 Wildflower Drive
Dave Earl Pardee          2922 Satsuma Drive
James Pruitt*             10922 Indian Trail
Lynn Rector*              2970 Sundial Drive
Karen Reece*              11004 Brockbank Drive
Cherryl Lynn Reeves       2967 Talisman Drive
Zade A. Rosenthal III     2910 Talisman Drive
Hanlon Leslie Skillman    3005 Sundial Drive
Kenneth Lee "Chip" Staggs 3141 Wildflower Drive
Beth Tenison              3136 Talisman Drive
Bruce Lane Wiland         3007 Latham Drive


Group 2 - Possible Graduates
Ben Allen*                3029 Wildflower Drive
Jay Curt Clyne*           3009 Townsend Drive
Danny Davidson*           3027 Dothan Lane
Jacquelyn Phyllis Meritz  2959 Leahy Drive
Barbara Scott*            2771 Royal Lane
Elaine Shrem*             3036 Wildflower Drive
Cindy Spencer*            10916 Brockbank Drive
Marsha Louise Tafelski    2958 Townsend Drive
Michael Tegler*           3050 Leahy Drive
Rhonda Eugene Tyler       10933 Grissom Lane
Woody Yates*              2931 Royal Lane
Richard Webb Young        3050 Wildflower Drive