T. C. Marsh Football (9th Grade, 1966)

The 1966 9th grade football team finished 6-3-0 for the season (one opponent is missing below).

Oct 1
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 29
Pleasant Grove Field
Loos Field
Loos Field
Franklin Field
T. C. Marsh, 21 - Comstock, 0 (W)
T. C. Marsh, 14 - Atwell, 0 (W)
T. C. Marsh, 6   - Cary, 21 (L)
T. C. Marsh, 8   - Hood, 23 (L)
T. C. Marsh, 0   - Gaston, 13 (L)
T. C. Marsh, 14 - Hill, 0 (W)
T. C. Marsh, 16 - Long, 14 (W)
T. C. Marsh, 14 - Franklin, 7 (W)
Captains: Jerry Martin, Hanlon Skillman, Steve Shankweiler
Captains: Allen Ball, Wayne Warren, Brodie Lewis
Captains: Bob Campbell, Harper Perkins, Peter Ryba
Captains: Randy Lancaster, Hanlon Skillman, Bill McCaw
Captains: Jerry Martin, Bob Carr, Hanlon Skillman
Captains: unknown
Captains: Brodie Lewis, Hanlon Skillman, David Jackson, Bob Campbell
Captains: Brodie Lewis, Bob Campbell, Hanlon Skillman, David Jackson

1967 Marsh 9th Grade Football Team (click on the photo for a larger version)

Fourth (back) Row: 83-Nathan Meyerson, 70-Curt Clyne, 20-Hanlon Skillman, 74-Steve Shankweiler, 12-Rod Shaw, 31-Joe Abney, 11-Hank Foldberg, 44-Pete Zorbanos, 65-Mark Farmer
Third Row: Coach-Dick Hill, Coach-Bill Lynch, 85-Paul Ditto, 21-David Jackson, 22-Randy Lancaster, 50-Don Margo, 71-Pete Ryba, 86-Brodie Lewis, 84-Bob Campbell, 72-Randy Mobley, 75-Dennis Allen, 87-Bill McCaw, Coach-Jack Lawless, Coach-Ken Kuykendall
Second Row: Manager-David Sugarek, 40-John Johnston, 55-Chip Staggs, 52-Bill Lambreth, 32-Hal Roberts, 73-Dan Allred, 88-Terry Fry, 30-Harper Perkins, 64-Allen Ball, 51-Jerry Martin, 45-Robert Carr, Manager-Gary Vaughan
First (front) Row: Manager-Doug Grady, 62-Bill Day, 80-Richard Kreekon, 42-Scott Harris, 10-Wayne Warren, 89-Mike Patterson, 60-Jimmy Magee, 61-Cutter Pritchett, 33-Robby Seidel, Manager-John Blaha
Not Pictured: Charles Hines

Note: The Marsh-Atwell football program gives a roster with names, jersey numbers, and weights as well as a probable starting line-up. It lists Cutter Pritchett (#61) as #11, Charles Hines (#??) as #61, Richard Kreekon (#80) as #63, and Hank Folberg (#11) as #80.