Missing Classmates

The whereabouts of the following classmates are unknown. We have not been able to locate them or they no longer have a valid address (i.e., postal mail has been returned and any email address has bounced). In some cases, we have a Facebook page for them, but again, no address information. If you know what has happened to them or how to contact any of these missing classmates, please forward the information or address/email to info@wtwhite70.com. Help us find the entire Class of 1970 for the 50-year reunion. Place your cursor over the word "photo" for a pop-up picture.

In addition to the missing classmates below for whom we have absolutely no contact information, there are many classmates for whom we have postal addresses but no email addresses. Because we have limited funds, these classmates receive no announcements from us in many situations. If you have an email address for them, please send it to us. View the classmates that do not have email addresses.

Michele Lee Babish (Furry) photo FB
Eileen Louise Brennan (Martinez) photo FB
Cecilia Valerie DeuPree (Carlson) photo FB
Donna Jean Doty (Russell)    
Karen Yvonne Fambro photo  
Janet Lee Fenton (Bennett) photo  
Theresa Elaine Garrett photo  
Rebecka Ann Grant (Burrell) photo FB
Teresa Catherine Gravette (Whittemore) photo FB
Cynthia Lee Hart photo  
Connie Lou Medina    
Marilyn Gene Mitchell    
Deborah Lynn Mize photo  
Donna Kay Muirhead (King) photo FB
Karen Lynn Nicholl (O’Brian) photo  
Lizabeth Ann O’Sullivan photo  
Linda M. Oberlin    
Lois Kaye Parker (Debruno) photo FB
Cynthia Sue Phillips (Wood) photo FB
Dixie Joanna Price photo  
Beverly Diane Reap (Smith)    
Adele Avis Richman (Tanner) photo FB
Laurie Kathleen Scribner    
Linda Surene Seeley (Holt) photo  
Lois Elaine Shapard (McGivern) photo  
Susan Elizabeth Slack photo  
Laurel Ann Smith photo  
Susan Joan Smith (McKenzie) photo  
Mary Lucille Sorrells (Bee) photo FB
Rhonda Jo Taylor (Williams) photo  
Renee Vowel (Barnes) photo  
Colleen Ann Welsh photo  
Kathleen Elisa Young (Pharr) photo FB
Dan Stephen Allred photo  
Alan Scott Avery photo  
Stuart Alan Barzune photo  
Mark Allison Brown photo  
John Leonard Davis photo  
Roger Joseph Eaton    
Duane Ray Fisher photo  
George Randall King photo  
Richard David Long    
Stephen Edwin Lucado photo  
James Francis Murphy    
Phillip Lee Smuland photo  
Robert C. Spencer photo  
David William Sugarek photo  
Robert Andrew Warner photo  
There are 33 females missing and 15 male missing for a total of 48 missing.