Withers Alumni

The persons shown on this list lived in the Withers area and were members of the future Senior Class of 1970. The ones marked with asterisks did not graduate from WTW. All went on to T. C. Marsh in 7th grade except those with a double asterisk. Some of them could possibly have moved into the Withers area after May 1964. If you can confirm any of those in Group 2, 3, or 4 as actually having attended Withers or not, send an email to info@wtwhite70.com.

Group 1 - Known Graduates (Class of 1964)

Robert Agee*              4067 Northaven Road
Joe Averill Jr            4630 Melissa Lane
Allen Ball                4047 Northaven Road
Stuart Barzune            4333 Alta Vista Lane
Becky Beard               4408 Goodfellow Drive
Richard Bernstein*        4115 Northaven Road
Marylynn Bibbs            4716 Heatherbrook Drive
Mike Bingham              11016 Snow White Drive
John Blaha                4709 Hallmark Drive
Nancy Boyd                4643 Melissa Lane
Sally Briggs              4324 Alta Vista Lane
Ronnie Brooks             11024 Snow White Drive
Bobby Browne              4530 Melissa Lane
Bill Canada*              4438 Hallmark Drive
Mary Clariday             4518 Allencrest Lane
David Crisford            10816 Cinderella Lane
Diane Crisford            10816 Cinderella Lane
Penni Crouch              3820 Goodfellow Drive
Linda Jo Davis            3743 Northview Lane
Bill Day Jr               4418 Goodfellow Drive
Ceil Deupree              4414 Alta Vista Lane
Scott Eberhart            10808 Pinocchio Drive
David Edmonson            11134 Candlelight Lane
Betty Elliott             11531 Midway Road
Chuck Eubanks             11049 Wonderland Trail
Evan Evans                4221 Cedarbrush Drive
Beth Fentress             11119 Midway Road
Scott Ferson*             11225 Candlelight Lane
Carol Fleming             4033 Hockaday Drive
Linda Freise              4025 Alta Vista Lane
Alice Anne Frierson       4115 Goodfellow Drive
Christy Garvin*           11250 Shelterwood Lane
Barby Glaze               3922 Circle Bluff Court
Dick Goodall              4914 Keyhole Lane
Craig Gray                4056 Northview Lane
Larry Greaves*            10940 Snow White Drive
Melissa Green             4017 Northview Lane
Margaret Hale             4247 Hockaday Drive
Bobby Hartley*            11037 Aladdin Drive
Gary Hascal               12017 Bencrest Place
Kathy Hershey             4729 Alta Vista Lane
Paul Hess Jr              11231 Dwarfs Circle
Cristy Hirsh              4615 Nashwood Lane
Douglas Hodges            4350 Hallmark Drive
Jimmy Holloway Jr         11047 Candlelight Lane
Rick Horne                3860 Goodfellow Drive
Fredna Howard             4430 Cedarbrush Drive
Allen Hundley III         11015 Cinderella Lane
Meg Hundley               11015 Cinderella Lane
John Hunter               11231 Pinocchio Drive
Roberta James             3835 Weeburn Drive
Barby Johnston            11918 Cold Harbor Drive
Susan Johnston*           10924 Pinocchio Drive
Cindy Jones               4331 Hallmark Drive
Don Jones                 4331 Hallmark Drive
David Kissel*             11429 Rosser Road
Robert Knabe*             10918 Aladdin Drive
Richard Knox              4831 Hallmark Drive
Ray Kretlow*              10931 Snow White Drive
Barbara Landgraf          10824 Pinocchio Drive
Betty Landgraf            10824 Pinocchio Drive
Mike Lang                 4166 Courtshire Drive
Mike Langford             4116 Courtshire Drive
Richard Lax               4507 Goodfellow Drive
Kathy Lee                 4510 Allencrest Lane
Barbi Levine              11132 Cinderella Lane
Bill Linburg              3846 Shady Hill Drive
Curt Linscott*            3840 Whitehall Drive
Brenda Litwin             3739 Vancouver Drive
Stephen Lucado            4429 Shady Hill Drive
Nancy Marakas             4047 Northview Lane
Judy Mather*              11011 Marsh Lane
Chris Mayrath             4921 Northaven Road
Mark McClennahan          3760 High Vista Drive
Dennis McGee*             4242 Shady Hill Drive
Sallie McKinley           4030 Sleepy Lane
Marilyn Metzger           4344 Cedarbrush Drive
Judy Mynett               4308 Alta Vista Lane
Nancy Neal                3716 Northaven Road
Glynda Ogden              11008 Cinderella Lane
Carl Patmore              10907 Snow White Drive
Mike Patterson            4405 Nashwood Lane
Melissa Penland           11232 Cinderella Lane
Bill Perry                4334 Cedarbrush Drive
Pete Perskin              4939 Forest Lane
Mark Plume                3850 Whitehall Drive
Nancy Powell              3763 Waldorf Drive
Karen Prager              3923 Weeburn Drive
Sam Pyeatt*               11008 Candlelight Lane
Frank Raab*               4456 Willow Lane
Gary Rehm*                3734 Whitehall Drive
Fred Rudnick              4549 Crooked Lane
Robert Salih              11129 Candlelight Lane
Pat Salter                11122 Candlelight Lane
Rick Scauzillo            3820 Shady Hill Drive
Susan Schneider           4120 Alta Vista Lane
Mark Sears*               4415 Alta Vista Lane
Garry Segal               3764 Waldorf Drive
Randall Smith             11115 Pinocchio Drive
Kent Snow*                11036 Aladdin Drive
Cathy Snyder              4558 Hockaday Drive
Sheree Srader             4428 Goodfellow Drive
Betty Svoboda             3763 Vinecrest Drive
Kathleen Tolbert          11133 Snow White Drive
Jan Turbeville            4730 Irvin Simmons Drive
Tom Turet                 3830 Shady Hill Drive
Dennis Vaughan            4710 Alta Vista Lane
Gary Vaughan              4710 Alta Vista Lane
Ben Weston                4908 Nashwood Lane
Carol Wilks               3763 Whitehall Drive
Group 2 - Probable Graduates (lived east of Marsh Lane, west of Inwood Road, north of Royal Lane, and south of Forest Lane)
Joan Bernbaum             4748 Alta Vista Lane
Debbie Cook               4024 Goodfellow Drive
Laura Corn*               4340 Northview Lane
Gary Cummings*            10909 Candlelight Lane
Cynthia Davis*            3743 Northview Lane
Sharon Davis*             3756 Waldorf Drive
Christine Feely*          4507 Shady Hill Drive
Holly Free*               10916 Snow White Drive
Sarah Gray*               3940 Peter Pan Drive
Susan Helber*             3762 Whitehall Drive
Angela Humphreys          11038 Pinocchio Drive
Debbie Kackley            11218 Wonderland Trail
Ann Klarer                3756 Vancouver Drive
Mike Klarer*              3756 Vancouver Drive
Dee Margo*                4039 Goodfellow Drive
Eric Mason*               4438 Alta Vista Lane
Deborah Meazell           3796 Townsend Drive
Scott Mohun*              3780 Vinecrest Drive
Mike Moore*               4730 Melissa Lane
Ruth Ann Moseley          3771 Townsend Drive
Todd Pattist*             11215 Dwarfs Circle
Pam Prutzman              11007 Aladdin Drive
John Reynolds*            11411 Strait Lane
Ken Roberts               3928 Northaven Road
Jennie Robinson           3940 Northaven Road
Kenny Runeberg*           11447 Midway Road
Judy Sargent              3771 Vinecrest Drive
Richard Saunders          4057 Northaven Road
Todd Scottland*           3732 Vinecrest Drive
Laura Shearin             4707 Crooked Lane
Patti Simmons             4146 Goodfellow Drive
Terry Joe Terry*          4007 Courtshire Drive
Randy Thomas              10920 Candlelight Lane
Susan Thompson            3729 Alta Vista Lane
Janice Wight              3707 Royal Lane
Barry Williams            10840 Cinderella Lane
Gary Wilson*              11211 Rosser Road
Susan Young*              4109 Alta Vista Lane

Group 3 - Possible Graduates (lived east of Marsh Lane, west of Midway Road, north of Forest Lane, and south of LBJ Freeway)

Ronnie Board*             3728 High Vista Drive
Joe Franzen*              12034 Bencrest Place
Robin Garnick             3977 Cedar Bayou Drive
Craig Hanson*             3734 Crown Shore Drive
Dan Holmes                3740 Pageant Place
Jerry Mace*               3740 High Vista Drive
Gary Peterson             3846 Crest Cove Circle
Gene Phillips             3720 Crown Shore Drive
Carolyn Pipher*           3946 Crown Shore Drive
Hal Roberts               4140 Ridgeside Drive
Alan Shore                3936 Cedar Bayou Drive
Joanna Tonn               3785 Crown Shore Drive
Michelle Wharton*         3956 Crown Shore Drive
Martha Winegarten         3930 Deep Valley Drive
Group 4 - Possible Graduates (lived east of Midway Road, west of Inwood Road, north of Forest Lane, and south of LBJ Freeway)
Bill Bendedict*           4505 Allencrest Lane
Davis Buescher*           4728 Ridgeside Drive
Carla Coldwell            4407 Myerwood Lane
John Davis                4619 Forest Lane
Cheryl Dawson*            4508 Mendenhall Drive
Duane Fisher              4222 Nashwood Lane
Mary Fuller               0 Heatherbrook Drive
Marilyn Gill*             12116 Fieldwood Lane
Pat Gleboff               4631 Nashwood Lane
David Goldberg*           4430 Mendenhall Drive
Kay Harrington*           4831 Allencrest Lane
Wendy Heslinga*           4634 Ridgeside Drive
Dorothy Hilliard          4629 Ellensburg Drive
Craig Hunnicutt*          4863 Nashwood Lane
Margot Law*               4615 Allencrest Lane
Marianne Law*             4615 Allencrest Lane
Janna Malone              4520 Myerwood Lane
Tom Moyer                 4640 Myerwood Lane
Gary Myrick               5021 Forest Bend Road
Skip Neilson              4719 Ridgeside Drive
Patti Noble*              4623 Allencrest Lane
Harper Perkins            4319 Allencrest Lane
Paula Perkins*            4319 Allencrest Lane
Ann Rowan*                4523 Allencrest Lane
Doug Rowe                 4630 Gulfstream Drive
Susie Slack               4856 Nashwood Lane
Dana Temerlin             12123 Drujon Lane
Carol Waldman             4840 Ellensburg Drive