Everette Lee DeGolyer Elementary School

  School Colors: Red and White (then)
                        Teal and White (now)

School Mascot: Pilots (then)
                         Dolphins (now)

Everette Lee DeGolyer Elementary School is one of the four elementary schools that fed the W. T. White Class of 1970. The school is located at 3453 Flair Drive. It is named after the late Everette L. DeGolyer (1886 - 1956) for his outstanding contributions to science, education and the community. DeGolyer founded the field of applied petroleum geophysics.

The school opened in 1959. The second grade students of DeGolyer's very first year in existence were eventually members of the W. T. White Class of 1970. Establishment of this school was necessitated by of the extremely rapid growth in the area.  During DeGolyer's first one and a half years, the only buildings were portables until the permanent building was ready for occupancy in the spring term of 1961. Because of the continuing growth, the DeGolyer students living east of Marsh Lane were transferred to the newly constructed Harry C. Withers Elementary in the fall of 1961 (our fourth grade). In the fall of 1963 (our sixth grade), the upper two grades of DeGolyer living west of Webbs Chapel Road were transferred to the newly constructed Herbert Marcus Elementary (grades 1-3 had been transferred in the spring of 1963). However, everyone was rejoined at T. C. Marsh Junior High in 7th grade.

photo circa 1962

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