General Information

School Location: Dallas, Texas
School Mascot: Longhorn
School Colors: "Texas" Orange and White
Elementary Schools Which Fed the W. T. White Class of 1970:  
William L. Cabell, Everette Lee DeGolyer, Herbert Marcus, Harry C. Withers 
Junior High School Which Fed the W. T. White Class of 1970: Thomas C. Marsh 

Listing of Teachers

The Fifth Commencement - May 29, 1970

Valedictorian: Bruce Coleman
Salutatorian: Lounette Turner
Listing of the Graduating Class of 1970 (as taken from the Fifth Commencement Program)

Where is the Class of 1970 now?

Senior Class Officers
President: Bill Day
Vice President: Mike Ruff
Secretary: Dee Cocke
Treasurer: Judy Mynett

Class Favorites
Senior Class Superlatives
Most Likely to Succeed: Brenda Litwin & Robert Salih
Best All-Around: Donna Cegelski & Billy Davis
Wittiest: Linda Davis & Gary Jacobs
Most Versatile: Margaret Hale
Most Athletic: David Jackson
Most Dependable: Judy Mynett & Knowles Cornwell
Most Talented: Fredna Howard & Tom Turet
Friendliest: Dee Cocke & Bill Lamberth

Class Beauty
Senior Year: Debbie Hathaway
Junior Year: Mary Lynn Bibbs
Sophomore Year: Mary Lynn Bibbs

Senior Class Queens
Homecoming Queen: Linda Petty
Military Queen: Susan Thompson
Basketball Queen: Sally Briggs
Senior Cheerleaders
Senior Student Council Officers
President: Knowles Cornwell
Vice President: Billy Davis
Secretary: Mary Lynn Bibbs
Treasurer: Lanny Temple

WTW PTA-Student Directories

1967-1968 (Sophomore Year)
1968-1969 (Junior Year)