Thomas C. Marsh Junior High School

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School Colors: Gold and Black

School Mascot: Matador

The only junior high school that fed the W. T. White Class of 1970, the school (now known as Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy) is located at 3838 Crown Shore Drive. It is named for Thomas Corbett Marsh (1831-1889), an early pioneer that arrived in Dallas from Kentucky in 1844 and settled on Farmers Branch in the area that is now near the intersection of Marsh Lane and Valley View Lane. By the end of the 1800s, Marsh owned and managed one of the largest and most prosperous farms in North Texas (more than 700 acres) and was successful in raising large stock. The school is built on the land that originally belonged to this prosperous family. The Dallas ISD school board approved the building of a junior high school in 1960 and subsequently opened its doors for classes in September 1961.  Built at a cost of $1,600,000 for a student capacity of 1,000, it was the district’s largest junior high school, serving grades 7th through 9th (today, the school serves grades 6th through 8th). When the eventual WTW Class of 1970 went to Marsh Junior High, it was being fed by the following elementary schools: Cabell, DeGolyer, Marcus, and Withers.

Marsh Faculty (1964-1967)
Marsh Classmate Directory and Homerooms (1964-1967)
School Newspaper El Matador (1964-1967)
9th Grade Football Team Photo, Program, and Memorabilia (1966)
Ninth Grade Six Flags Party Notice (1967)
Junior High Photos (1964-1967)
School Songs

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photo circa 1968