Marsh Photos (1964-1967)

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Birthday Party for Judy Mynett [believed to be 7th grade, 1965]

Photo courtesy of Judy Mynett Ward.

Back (L to R): Lillian Boemer, Judy Mynett, Legrow#1?, Sally Briggs, Theresa Garrett, unidentified girl, Debbie Sellers, Legrow#2?,
unidentified boy (partial face)

Front (L to R): Mike McAlister (TJ '69), Margaret Hale, Ben Weston, Mike Patterson

Surprise Birthday Party for Sally Briggs [believed to be 1965 (8th grade) or 1966 (9th grade)]

Photo courtesy of Judy Mynett Ward.

(L to R): Mike McAlister (TJ '69), unidentified girl (partially hidden), Sally Briggs, Gary Jacobs, Billy Davis, Steve Shankweiler, Judy Mynett, Michelle Wharton, unidentified boy, Pete Dunnam