Warren Travis White

Warren Travis White High School was named for Warren Travis White (1895-1987), a leader in Dallas education for decades. W. T. White came to the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) in 1931 as the principal for Sunset High School. Ten years later, he became assistant superintendent, and then superintendent in 1945, serving until 1968. He led the district through the post World War II Baby Boom years of frenzied school construction. White also led the effort to create the Dallas Independent School District as a separate system with its own budget and tax jurisdiction after 60 years of financial control by the city council. He oversaw construction of 106 new schools, the expansion of 91 and the early years of desegregation, which began in 1961. The school was named in his honor three years before his retirement. He was 91 when he died in 1987. The high school's mascot and colors derive from the fact that W. T. White graduated from the University of Texas.