Upcoming 50-Year Reunion (2020)

Planning for the Class of 1970 50-year reunion has begun. The date has been set for October 2 & 3, 2020 (note that this is next year, not this coming October). Saturday night will be at the DoubleTree Hotel near the Galleria, and Friday night will probably be at Midway Point in Addison. There will be a Mexican food buffet on Saturday night. Prices and exact times have not yet been determined. A golf tournament is in the planning stages. The Reunion Committee welcomes anyone who would like to be on a committee or help out at the time of the reunion.

In order to determine the pricing, we need to have a head count of people who plan to attend and of those that will need a hotel room (the tentative room cost is $129/night depending on the total number of rooms booked and when they are booked). Please click on the link below to make tentative plans (even if you are only indicating that you will not be attending or haven't decided yet). Even if you are undecided, it will let us know that you received our email about the reunion. Changes can be made up until the time we start requesting payment. At that time, we will need firm commitments. Please respond soon with your tentative plans and encourage your friends to do so as well.

RSVP us with tentative plans

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Please keep your own profile information current (i.e., email, postal address, phone, etc.). Click here to update your own profile information.

WE NEED EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR SOME CLASSMATES! For a number of classmates, we have postal addresses but no email addresses. Because we have limited funds for postal mailings, these classmates receive no announcements from us in many situations. Do you happen to have an email address for them? Click here to see a list of the classmates for whom we have no email address.

AND PLEASE HELP US FIND OUR MISSING CLASSMATES! Look at our list of missing graduates and let us know if you have any idea of their whereabouts. Maybe we can find them all by the 50th reunion.

We are going to be asking all classmates for a current photo so 50 years laters it will be somewhat easier to match a name to a person. Please email high-resolution images to reunion@wtwhite70.com. They will be cropped to a 3 x 4 (W x H) aspect ratio similar to the yearbook photos.


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