DeGolyer Photos (1959-1964)

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DeGolyer Blue Bird Troop (1959)

Photo courtesy of Mary Gaye Ratliff Lewis

Back Row (L to R): Patti Myers, Cindy Hart, Lucy Sorrells, Becky Robertson

Front Row (L to R): Mary Gaye Ratliff, Sheri McPherson, Debbie Hathaway, Susan Rands

DeGolyer Fifth Grade Class 5A (May 1963)

Photo courtesy of Bruce Wiland who took the picture

Back Row (L to R): Debbie Cohen, Cathy Berry, Lynn Reedy, Beth Richardson, Sharon Collier, Judy Hutchinson, Cindy Blundell, Julie Norman, Kenny Robers

Middle Row (L to R): Mrs. Jordan (teacher), Dana Whitledge, Steve Smith, Hanlon Skillman, Chase Dustin, Weston Lewis, Tom Upton, Gary Jacobs, Tom Wantuck

Front Row (L to R): Marie French, Debbie Hathaway, Theresa Garrett, Sara Morrisey, Cindy Holscher, Kathy Armstrong, Carol Goforth, Helen Segal

A DeGolyer Sixth Grade Class

Photo from El Matador

Back Row (L to R): arm of Doug Cassel?, Dennis Weinberg, Bill LeGrow?, Brodie Lewis, ???, Robert Bajackson, Frank Pillsbury

Front Row (L to R): Andy Lawler, Robert Rodes, Robbie Seidel

DeGolyer Sixth Grade Class 6A (May 1964)

Photo courtesy of Steve Smith who took the picture

Back Row (L to R): Warren LeGrow, Kenny Roberts, Mrs.Franklin (teacher), Weston Lewis, Steve Shankweiler, Paul Ditto, Beth Richardson, Chase Dustin

Third Row (L to R): Carol Goforth, Karyl Reedy, Stephanie Harvey, Cathy Berry, Debbie Hathaway, Cindy Sosebee? 

Second Row (L to R): Tom Wantuck?, Dana Whitledge, Suzan Campbell, ???, Jerry Greene, Cindy Holscher, Kathy Armstong

Front Row (L to R): Paula Lozano, Steve Webb, Tom Upton, Howard Gallety